As a training centre for job aspirants and students who would like to go to English speaking countries (overseas) we have developed an institution for IELTS, OET, PTE and other communicative English classes at Kayamkulam, Kattanam and Kuttitheruvu.  If your intention is to study, work or migrate to countries like US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, you must achieve the required band score of IELTS OET or PTE. 

As it is an international English Language proficiency test many students find it a bit difficult and need an expert guidance.  Here we impart intensive training for securing high band score for all modules in IELTS, OET and PTE.  We ensure everyone personalized coaching and give various test strategies to come with flying colour. 

In addition to these test preparation class, we train people to have fluency in English by means of modern way of teaching.  Which helps them interact even with native speakers of English. 

 For over a decade the English wizard has been endeavoring the guide the job seekers to reach their desired destination.  Taking our sincere effort into consideration people from various part of middle Travancore see this as their reliable spot.